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Although, as it turned out later, the operation would not have saved us. Seeing all this horror, we decided to go to Germany. Many thanks to the head of neurosurgery at the regional hospital in Kharkov and just a very good person - Babalyan Yuri Alexandrovich - for the contacts of Professor of Neurosurgery Martin Bettag in the city of Trier. Where we were diagnosed and recommended proton therapy. I decided to write this post to warn against doctors' mistakes that can cost lives. And for those fighting cancer. Cancer is not a sentence!

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In USA, the statistics continue to be sad, since we have no funding, and all onco programs are being closed. Of course, why treat people !? Yes, and our doctors need to unite and, at least, learn English in order to have access to foreign research, and foreign pharmaceutical companies are not interested in us without this. There is a way out - timely screening!

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No need to wait for something to hurt! Why lung cancer is so difficult to identify at an early stage, because there are no nerve endings in the lungs, and the symptoms already appear at a late stage. And 80% of patients are smokers!

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Therefore, it is so important to do FLU and lead a healthy lifestyle. Stomach cancer never appears on a healthy stomach, it is always a consequence of an ulcer. It is very important for women to examine their reproductive system at least once every six months.

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There are so many terrible and sometimes irreversible diseases in life. Let's bother with your health! Examining yourself as a culture of behavior in a civilized society! Raise children with the understanding that you need to take care of your health.

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Perhaps, if we were brought up like that, our parents are their parents, we would not have to wait until a doctor who is competent enough to order an MRI examination meets on our way.

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And we would have known about the diagnosis much earlier. If at least one person, after reading my post, has passed the examination - then all this happened to us for a reason !!! Take care of yourself and the world around you!

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Wearing the most ordinary mask reduces the risk of your own infection by 70% and by 90% of other people getting the virus!